Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

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Annihilate Your Anxiety in as Little As 1-3 Hypnotherapy Sessions


Sound too good to be true? The numbers don't lie:

Over 2,000 sessions completed at a 95% success rate.


   My Success Formula:


  1. Protocols: Powerful hypnotherapy protocols that are 296x more effective than talk therapy
  2. Testing: Test the resilience of the new subconscious so thoroughly you never need to see a therapist again
  3. Skills: Simple, 30-second subconscious mind skills that easily keep and expand your results


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  • No longer wonder if you're doing the right thing, having made a phenomenally educated decision - GUARANTEED

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  • FREE access to The 5-Day Life-Changing Raise Your Vibration Workshop through our Ascension Academy as taught by instructors Nelson Whiting and Jerel Clark.  This outstanding results-based course includes downloadable PDFs, evidence-based online training at your convenience, and a free guided meditation download to help you on your journey. ($135 value!)
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Cassidy Locke

"If you have been waiting for a “sign” to give hypnotherapy a whirl for anything, HERE IT IS! It has truly been life changing for me. I will always be grateful to Nelson for his help. This is NOT too good to be true, he is the real deal."

Shane H

"Nelson is absolutely amazing. He created a very comfortable and safe environment where I knew I wasn’t being judged by him and I could let go of my past and move on. He is very professional and very skilled at what he does. In one hypnotherapy session we pulled out what I had been trying for a couple of years to get to the bottom of with a therapist. I can’t recommend Nelson enough. What an awesome guy!!"

Sarah Stevenson

"Nelson was great to work with. I had 6 sessions and the knowledge and progress I gained was worth every penny. I plan on going back to work on other things in the future."

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Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors or licensed psychologists and therefore not licensed to diagnose, treat, prescribe, prevent, cure, or heal in any way. We are board certified and state-regulated experts in subconscious reprogramming.  If you have a critical immediate medical condition, see a competent naturopathic or holistic medical provider. We do not see clients for drug or alcohol abuse or those with diagnosed mental illness who are on heavy prescription medication.