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Kimberlee's Story (5-star review)

This is more of a testimonial than just a review! I hope you can know the sincerity of my words.

I really have a hard time admitting this to most people, but I’ve struggled with suicidal feelings as long as I can significantly remember. At a particular pinnacle of my life I was distinctly suffering again, and so I told the people I’ve fellowshipped with before what I was feeling when they asked for prayer needs. Nelson reached out, telling me about his hypnotherapy, because he knew he could help me help myself.

I definitely wanted to try it out, not knowing what to fully expect, but having an open-mind to really put myself into it, and have the faith that God heals me through multiple means and avenues.

The power I discovered in this work with Nelson, is all the healing that comes, is work YOU’RE doing internally, developing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, empowering deliberate communication between your conscious and subconscious.

Nelson is there to teach, demonstrate/guide through the tools and technique to empower you with yourself. To strengthen your own personal relationship with who are you, who you have been, and who you want to be. And also for me personally, it has strengthened my connection and healing by the power of our Savior.

I am seeing and understanding refreshing, life-changing results!! From day one, and distinctly after each session, I feel lighter, like it’s easier to breathe. Then I go into that week remembering what I experienced and learned and remind myself of true, self-powered affirmations.

Nelson really takes the time with each session to accomplish the necessary work at that time. He is patient and sees that session’s focus and healing to its conclusion each time, never rushing the process.

I am still currently attending sessions, and so far have only done 3, and yet I can firmly testify that what I have ALREADY gained, is absolutely invaluable! So no matter how few times you do it, each time changes an aspect of your life in a very positive way. And it’s like the ripple effect, where you notice how connected things are within you and your life, so the positive results can exponentiate.

I would tell ANYONE who is looking to move toward a freer life, where you can really make strides toward your best self, see changes, know and be closer to yourself, be healed, unburdened, solve what’s so far been decades of weight, and really experience true healing, all by YOUR own God-given power, that this is worth checking out. Nelson helps with the necessary steps to know how to effectively do the work. He makes me feel comfortable in what are vulnerable topics and feelings. He listens to what I need to explain, and then the power of choice is mine to decide what to tackle that day. I feel safe and unjudged by him. It’s a reassuring and comfortable environment to do emotional, difficult, important work. The process itself isn’t really skillfully difficult, just emotionally profound, and therefore can bring a lot of stuff to the light and your conscious awareness.

If you are struggling, I would suggest coming to test its fruits for yourself. I rarely write reviews, and would NOT want to publicly post about my suicidal desires, but THIS, helping each other, is too important. More important than my spare time or vulnerability. So, I can definitely attest that at least for me, Kimberlee, this has been a tremendous help. That I plan to continue not only into the future, but since Nelson’s approach is to teach, equip, and prepare YOU to do it all without him, I can utilize this for the rest of my life. What I am learning becomes my own knowledge, and I think we’d all be surprised how far good things can reach when each one of us is acting as our best selves.

– Kimberlee Knapp

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