Feb 02, 2023

Because Hypnotherapy deals with the mind, and the mind is infinitely powerful, I believe there are NO LIMITS to its applications in in the arena of self-improvement.  (Hence the name of my business: No Limits Hypnotherapy).  All forms of hypnosis are really self-hypnosis, meaning you are in total control and direct the outcome of every session in that you can stop it at any time.  My job is to teach you how to do self-hypnosis.  That is, allow yourself to enter that state where you can tap into greater mental capacities.

That said, there are certainly issues that seem to be quite common and I can certainly help you with.  These are the more problematic issues that keep people from being able to live a normal day-to-day life: sleep issues, irritable bowels, anger, phobias, abuse, traumas, learning disorders, sexual disorders, pornography habits, weight management, smoking cessation, relationship issues, anxious/depressive thoughts and feelings, migraines, etc.  

There is also an entirely different category that people want help with that really stems from the same inability to control the mind’s thoughts and feelings.  That category is more involved with raising your standard of living and includes goal setting, lack of discipline, motivational issues, sport and sales performance, increasing memory recall (helpful for important test-taking), financial issues including wealth building.

There is also an esoteric side that is somewhat mystical and some people find quite fascinating that Hypnosis can provide facilitation for.  It is what I call transcendent living, and includes such areas as removing meditation/prayer blocks, dreamwork, lucid dreaming, pineal gland decalcification, mind travel (aka remote viewing), out-of-body exploration (aka astral travel), mind melding, etc.  This is an area that intrigues those who desire to increase their spiritual gifts.  Studies done in these areas of a more psychic nature is sparse but it is certainly out there in places such as The Monroe Institute, the formerly declassified government Stargate program, and research done by fellow Hypnotherapists.

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