Free Classes on Mind Training

Feb 02, 2023

Free classes are offered to the community once a month.  These classes range from how to understand your mind, to how to help children with bedwetting, to how to control and crush bad habits such as weight loss, smoking, and even nail biting.  Seating is limited so if you’d like to attend send me a text at 801-815-9017 to RSVP!  2020 Classes will be held from 6:30 – 7:30 PM at the Spanish Fork Library classroom.

2019 Class Schedule:

August 21 – Help your child with bed wetting, picky eating, nightmares, and more!  [IF YOU MISSED IT, WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!]

September 18 – Weight management, crush your cravings!

October 16 – Sports and sales performance

November 20 – The best ways to program your own mind, which one is for you?

December 18 – Goal setting for 2020, how to avoid the 3-day New Year’s Resolution

2020 Class Schedule (all classes held at the Spanish Fork Library 6:30-7:30 PM): 

January 8 – How the mind works and why you need to know it!

January 22 – Secrets you can use to re-program your own mind.

February 19 – More mind-reprogramming tools.

March 18 – The Model of the Mind

April 15 – Weight Management, crush your cravings!

May 13 – The Model of the Mind

2021 Class Schedule



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